Control Panel Login Address

The original web hosting login address, account password can be found here Email records

3rd May 2021
Web Hosting Migration Server Notification

Because the load on the original server was too high, we decided to migrate the web hosting to a new server, we have increased the free package amount, you just need to re-order, we are sorry for your disturbance

2nd May 2021
Hello everyone, we have enabled fraud protection

Please do not use false email addresses, blacklisted email addresses, and blacklisted IPs, if you do, you will be blocked by the wind control system

26th Apr 2021
Student Discount

We have a special offer for students, please submit a work order to prove you are a student and get free unlimited web hosting



20th Apr 2021
Web Hosting Migration Announcement

Hello everyone, we will migrate existing web hosting users to the new server we have opened a new product in your account, the product name format is (*, please migrate as soon as possible, the server will be closed in 5 days, thank you!


Old server login address

17th Apr 2021
PayPal Support

Please open a ticket if you want to use PayPal

7th Apr 2021
Refund Policy does not provide any refunds.

4th Apr 2021

1. Provision of service,shall provide the services to Client as set out in appendix to this Agreement.These Terms are governed by Seychelles and  Icelandic law.2. TermThis Agreement is valid from the date receives the orderfrom the Customer and payment outlined in the Agreement.The agreement applies then with 1 month mutual ... Read More »

4th Apr 2021
Attention - Warning

Hearyvens:We absolutely ban political portals!(Except for special instructions) Child pornography sites! Sites that lead to blood and violence! Please be cooperative! Otherwise we will cancel your service without refund! Thank you!

4th Apr 2021

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